Splitters Farm

Splitters Farm

Splitters Farm is a family owned property just 10min drive north of Bundaberg's bustling central business district. Set amongst lush tropical bushland, the 156 acre property is boarded by Splitters Creek, a fresh water reserve that feeds into the beautiful Burnett River.

The acreage is home to native animals such as wallabies, platypus, barramundi, prehistoric lung fish and boasts over 150 documented species of Australian bird life.

The property is currently in a transformation period with a view to becoming a nature-based ecotourism venture in the near future that will accommodate overnight visitors and day trippers.

Access to the property is by appointment only however, we do hope to change this in time.

Please enjoy the natural beauty that the South Burnett region has to offer and drop us a line if you’re in ever in the area.

To find out more, or for any enquiries visit us on Facebook or Instagram.